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Công ty TNHH MTV The Fruit Republic Cần Thơ 384 Lượt xem

Công ty TNHH MTV The Fruit Republic Cần Thơ

384 Lượt xem
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The Fruit Republic is a young professional international fruit trade company, aiming to become the best and most successful fruit exporter of Vietnam. A dedicated and experienced team has setup this company and developed in a very short period a strong reputation among farmers in the Mekong Delta, and large importers in Europe and Asia. The Fruit Republic is one of the few GLOBALGAP certified export companies in Southeast Asia. Our main operations are located in the Mekong Delta, but we also have staff working in our Hanoi, Dalat and HCMC. To facilitate the growth of our company we are looking for an experienced and professional System Administrator based in Ho Chi Minh City.

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