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Vietnam is a developing country opening up to the international and tends to digitize.

Here, most technologies like mobile apps or e-commerce software are intended for local consumers. At Netinfo, we are thinking and developing innovations that meet the needs of the country, but also extend to Asia and even globally the world.

Why Vietnam? Why Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City is called “Vietnam’s Silicon Valley” because of its many start-ups and new companies in full swing. After the installation of the American giant Intel in the city, Google sees Vietnam as one of its main markets in the future. More and more large companies are setting up in the country through subsidiaries as Starbucks, HSBC, Pullman, BNP Paribas, Bank of China, Subway, KFC, McDonald’s or B&B hotel …

At Netinfo we are open to innovation and it is through the combination of our intellectual property and our expertise in the development of complex technologies, large data management and demand-side analysis that our company drives the success of high-impact outsourcing initiatives.

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