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Cadena Vietnam Co., Ltd. 415 Lượt xem

Cadena Vietnam Co., Ltd.

415 Lượt xem
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At Cadena, we have always put our people first. For over 14 years, it
has driven us to create the innovative HRM solution we offer today:
Series |5. Incubated in The Netherlands, we offer a solution that is
compliant to local tax/labor laws across the entire South-East Asia
region. In every country where we operate, we guarantee necessary
expertise through a network of local knowledgeable partners or our own

Our development team uses an evidence-based approach to
continuous improvement. It means that all new features and solution
enhancements are developed in direct response to demonstrated customer
needs and preferences, and not just because we think it would be nice!

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Lầu 9, Tòa Nhà Vietcomreal,
68 Nguyễn Huệ, P.Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Tp.HCM.
Hỗ trợ hotline (24x7): 0907-000-277

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