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Công ty công nghệ kết nối đám mây (Ugotechs) 18 Lượt xem

Công ty công nghệ kết nối đám mây (Ugotechs)

18 Lượt xem
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We are an offshore software development company that specialises in complex projects, programmer training and building you your own team trained with our base code modules, techniques and coding skills in all languages & operating systems. Our existing tool box modules and functions have over 2 million+ lines of base source code, we use this base code, modules and functions as to jump in your project and in most cases shorten the development time by 50%. Some of our customer projects we have had the privilege of developing for over 5 years and others 6 months depending on the project size and level of help that you need. At ugotechs we have also established a reputation for always bringing complex projects in on time. The success to our business model is that we act more like a long term offshore development partner of yours and not like a 3rd world outsource company, as we all know that model fails.

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