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UPTEMPO MARKETERS (UM) started as a small 80,000+ team of translation experts. UM is expanding continuously every year, and it has grown into a specialized language service provider (LSP) which offers not only translation services, but also native speaker proofreading services, linguistic quality assurance (LQA), multilingual DTP, technical editing, etc Uptempo focuses on global localization (translation & interpretation) services and provides further business localization services from overseas market entry support, partnership coordination, PCO, sales & marketing, overseas outsourcing, etc. Over the years, we have built human resource networks around the world, and our primary network lies in Vietnam. We are striving to create co-working systems that enable seamless Korea-Vietnam collaboration, focusing on the IT domain. Thanks to our increasing presence in Korea, we're winning multiple IT (web/app) development orders and seek to execute the projects with diverse Vietnamese developers (inhouse or freelancers) and/or web/app agencies.
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  • Người liên hệ Nguyễn Thảo
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